the new world of soccer

Little V has officially begun her first organized sport: soccer.  We signed her up for a class that would begin a few weeks after school started to give her time to adjust to the whole new world of Kindergarten before introducing something new.  I’d say her first class went well, full of running, kicking and lots of fun!

With her classes, there are also optional weekend games.  We took her to her first game this past weekend.  There was some fun had, there was also plenty of fun not had!  The first 10 – 15 minutes V was excited, running fast and doing her best to kick the ball.  But as time passed, so did her energy.  We hit a low about half way through where there was some struggling to have fun, lots of tiredness and a little girl on the verge of tears.  Breaks my heart really.  However, the coaches were so attentive.  They brought V back into the fold, encouraged her to keep going and even worked it so she got the ball a few extra times and made some goals.  By the end of the scrimmage, we were all smiles!  It also helped that we ran into a friend after the game that was playing in a game next to V’s so V got to run around with him for a while.  It’s good to have positive memories at the end.  Hopefully that is what she will remember for next time.

by the looks of it, there might have been some self motivational talking

I know there will be many fun-filled soccer classes ahead.  I also don’t have any doubt that the next optional game will have fewer lows and many more highs.  I think V is just adjusting to this new world of organized sport and just perhaps, gets a bit on the tired side throughout.  I do love to watch her out there!  (P.S.  I am so glad we staggered the start of school and the start of soccer, just saying it was a brilliant mommy moment!)  ha ha…

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