Sam’s mom

I first met Gina in 2005 when the huzband took over pastoring a small community of believers.  Gina, and her husband Roger, had been attending there for some time.  Through a few circumstances, one being our church, the other being together we hosted a bridal shower for my sister-in-law, we began spending a good amount of time together.  To say we were complete opposites would be an understatement.  I don’t know how my lackadaisy ways didn’t drive her up the walls.

Not too long after, they moved south to Georgia and a crazy thing happened: she wanted me to keep in touch!  What’s even crazier is somehow over the next few years, she convinced me to come down to hot, humid, muggy Atlanta.  (Okay, so the second time was really my idea.)  Really, what happened through all of this is that Gina became one of my dearest friends!  I hold her so very closely to my heart.

Gina has taught me, nay shown me what a true, deeply committed friend is.  It is through her I have learned the value and richness of a heartfelt and close friendship.  It is in her honesty, love, compassion and grace that I am learning how to be a real friend.  It is she that encourages me to be better, sometimes directly by honestly telling me I need to return her phone calls.  But sometimes it is indirectly when I witness how much she gives of herself.  I have learned so much from Gina about friendship, its depths and power.  How friendship is a blessing from God, a holy and sacred gift so that we might share life, the joy and pain with another.

I am so beyond thankful for this woman whom I thought was the complete opposite of me.  I am thankful that God chose my friend because He went above and beyond what I deserve.  He once again lavishly poured out His love on me by gifting me this friendship with Gina.  I cannot express adequately how dearly I hold this woman to my heart.  She is my kindred spirit, my soul friend.  I would not want to do life without knowing this woman was by my side!  (And not to leave Roger out, he’s cool too!)  So when Roger and Gina became parents, ecstatic would not to justice to the elation of joy and happiness I had for them!  So it was an honor to take some time to photograph Gina’s family on their last visit to New York.

Meet Sam and his parent’s Roger and Gina.

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