the big K

Our little V started Kindergarten today!  I am in awe of the time that has passed so quickly.  It seems like moments ago when she first joined our family, a blink of an eye that she was a chubby little one year old learning how to use her legs, a two-year old that wasn’t terrible but terrific, a three old that pushed ALL the boundaries and colored on a few walls and couches, and now, a four-year old who started the big K!

How did V do on her first day?  She did great…for the most part.  (I’ll tell you about the most part in a moment.)  She was excited and full of energy for her first day of school.  I do have to admit though, I think she was more excited about her “big girl” backpack than about anything else.  She carried her backpack like it was her prized possession.  So proud to have her books, crayons and pencils inside.

How did this momma do?  Surprisingly well.  A friend of mine whose daughter also started kindergarten today texted me to see how it went.  I was happy to say I left V at school and walked away completely dry-eyed.  That’s right, not one single tear.  I am quite proud of myself…though it would not surprise me if day 3 of school the water works begin. I’ll keep you posted!

That adorably cute face you see above, there are only two words to describe that look: cranky and pants.  Our happy-go-lucky girl that we dropped off at Kindergarten disappeared and the girl we picked up was

I am happy to see you mom and dad but I am very upset with you right now and this whole school thing that I don’t think I like and I had to leave all my crayons and pencils at school and I didn’t get to play when I wanted to and I am  CRANKY PANTS.”

So for the most part, Kindergarten was a success.  However, somewhere in that mysterious classroom things changed.  I do not think this is anything new when it comes to the big K.  It’s a big change and I see tired written all over V’s face.  It will be an adjustment for all of us as we transition into this whole new world and figure out the best after school plan (nap, no nap, forced nap, nap nap nap!)  Non the less, I look forward to this adventure and I know V will enjoy Kindergarten.

And now I leave you with the face little V gave us when she first saw us.

I love my child, even her adorably grumpy face!

3 thoughts on “the big K

  1. That’s a priceless photo. I love it! Enjoy the homework free days now before your evenings turn into projects, sentence writing, book reading and general complaints. 🙂

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