what does the appendix do?

In case you are reading this not knowing how we got here, get caught up in

“The Hospital : Round One” and “The Hospital : Round Two”


I am so thankful for God’s goodness.  Throughout the past week and a half, God has carried me in His peace.  I never truly worried about the huzband.  I had faith & trust that he would be all right in the end.  I know God used a recent experience to teach me more about faith in Him; especially when it comes to the physical body.  I am thankful for such a good God.

I knew it was more than just removing the huzband’s appendix.  Too much time had passed.  I do have a semi-medical degree thanks to all the ER and Grey’s Anatomy you know! (not really) The surgeon finally came out, calm, collected and smiling.  Always a good sign.  He sat down and proceeded to give me a very in-depth science lesson on the inside of the huzband’s body.  His appendix was much larger than expected.  When the surgeon saw it, he called a pathologist in right away.  The pathologist made a 45 minute ride to the hospital to take a look at the huzband’s appendix.  According to the surgeon, when an appendix is the size of what was inside the huzband, the cause is usually cancer.  (I have a whole new respect for the big C word and the power it holds.)  However, the pathologist’s look revealed an 85% chance that there was no cancer in the huzband’s appendix.  We will find out the final results from pathology on Friday. Due to the size of the huzband’s appendix (the surgeon said about the size of a cucumber), it was attached to the colon in such a way that prohibited him from removing the appendix alone.  Therefore, he had to remove the last segment of the huzband’s small intestines (ileum) and the first segment of the large intestines (colon).  He explained to me that if by some remote chance the huzband did have cancer, the cancer cells would drain into some neighboring lymph nodes.  To save the huzband a second surgery, the surgeon went ahead and removed those neighboring lymph nodes as well.  The huzband is now just a little lighter, possibly even a little faster!  =) Due to the size of the huzband’s appendix and the need to remove more than just the appendix, the laparoscopic surgery required a fourth whole.  The official name of the huzband’s surgery is a Laparoscopic Ileocolic Resection.

somebody really missed the huzband


After an extended weekend in the hospital, I am thankful the huzband was able to come home Tuesday.  Though I appreciate all the help, attention and care the doctor’s and nurses gave the huzband (which I must add was quality), I am happy to have him home where I can take care of him.  The road ahead of him is full of rest, healing and recovery.  Though he missed his half Ironman race this past weekend and though his exercise routine will be on hold for a while, in the scheme of things, it is only a hiccup.  Right now the focus is letting his poor little belly heal and see if he can walk without looking like a little old man!

* * * * * * *

And for your reading pleasure, a little side story to share with you!

Do you see something in the corner of his eye?  That little bruise.  That’s right, I rule my home with an iron fist.  Okay, not really.  I was playing with little V one morning when the huzband came to hug me from behind.  He collided into my elbow thus producing what you see above.  The doctor’s and nurses got a kick out of it when they found out it was his wife.

Some even shook my hand.

5 thoughts on “what does the appendix do?

  1. Rach and Juampa,
    What a story! I’m so glad you all are home and Juampa is healing at home, with his elbow-boxing wife! I’ll continue praying for his recovery and strength so he’s back running in no time! We love you guys. Ash 🙂

  2. Rakelita, I really enjoyed reading the way you told what happened with Juampa’s hospitalization and being back at home. I am sure the Lord has been with all of you and helping to work out things for better. The black eye story was very funny! When Jasmine saw the picture of Juampa, she said, “oh Papucho!” Then, I explained her that it was Tio Juampa who is my brother, like she has Jeremiah as a brother, and when she saw Velda, Jasmine said, “I miss her.” Thus, she really recognizes Velda:) i just have a question. Is there a story why you call Juampa: “The huzband” instead of “my husband?” I’m just curious! May the Lord give you lots of patience and strength to do shores and everything that it is involved at home (I know that at times, it could be overwelming! But I know you can do it with God’s help!) and help you and Papucho to take care of Juampa while he gets recovered! May God’s amazing power to continue healing him in a amazing way! Amen. We send you greetings from all of us from here in Tennessee!

  3. Dear Juampa and Rachel, may God grant you fresh perspective of his unlimited supply in this trial. May you trust him with your needs and desires. May He breathe fresh life into your soul and fresh power into your dreams. May you refuse to let your fears and insecurities speak louder than God’s voice. Even as you sleep, may your ears be fine tuned to Heaven’s song over you, for it is redemptive, beautiful, and living! Prayers go out to you for complete healing and restoration in Jesus Name. Blessings
    , John Burns

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