the hospital : round two

The huzband was released from the hospital : round one a few hours after admittance.  Nothing had been determined.  Our doctor friend (whom we are so thankful for and has helped us every step of the way) made an appointment for the huzband with a GI specialist.  Thursday came and we met the specialist who requested a CT scan.


The huzband got to drink four delicious glasses full of some desirably disgusting liquid.  The scan revealed acute appendicitis.  Off to St. Francis Hospital.  Enter hospital visit : round two (and when I say hospital visit, I more specifically mean emergency room visit.)


The huzband was admitted for a second time into the emergency room.  The specialist doctor came by not long after and explained that the huzband would be going off to surgery soon.  I have to say, I felt very “Grey’s Anatomy” when the chief of General Surgery walked in, introduced himself and explained he would be doing the huzband’s appendectomy.  Very “Grey’s Anatomy”.  Are all chief’s tall, strapping, man-in-charge like men?


I might be one of the few who are excited to be in a hospital.


Just a few hours later, the huzband was whisked off to surgery.  How far medicine has come.  The huzband’s appendectomy was going to be a laparoscopic surgery (a minimally invasive surgery where they make 3 small holes, one being in his belly button) that would take about 40 minutes.




Interesting how I was still waiting three hours after he went into surgery.


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