the hospital : round one

It all began last Thursday about 2 am. The huzband awoke with some abdominal pain.  It has happened once before and the pain went away within a few hours.  Twenty-four hours later it was still around.

The huzband put in a call to a doctor friend of ours and the trooper that he is, loaded up the car for our road trip to Ohio.  In case you didn’t know, it was halfway to Ohio that we got the news that my dad had a mild stroke while visiting my brother in OKC.  With some OTC medicine suggested by our doctor friend, we enjoyed the weekend with our family from Cali.  Through it all the huzband rested a lot in our hotel room and by Sunday was feeling better.

Then Monday came as did the pain.  I can’t even explain properly what the huzband looked like but the best I can say is he looked like a pregnant man.  His belly was so swollen; so off to the doctor we went.  Insert the hospital : round one.  They admitted him to the ER, ran some tests and a sonogram but found nothing.  Me being, well me, I took a few snapshots with my phone.









Find out what happens in “The Hospital: Round Two”

The conclusion to our hospital drama : “What Does the Appendix Do?”

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