Though I was feeling a bit under the weather with some sinus/cold issues earlier this week, there were a few things on my to do list that were a MUST to get done.  So with some rests in between, I mustered on and got through it.  At one point I was working at our dining room table, papers covering the surface, notepad close by as I jotted down, well, notes.  I had some music playing in the background while V and Lola (the dog) had an impromptu dance party nearby.  After a bit, little V came over inquiring what all the papers about were for.  I explained to her what I was working on in the simplest terms possible.

Her response caused my heart to pause, my eyes to tear up and my face to smile.  It was as if I could see my words making their way to her brain.  There was a very brief moment where she thought about what I said and then her face exploded into pure joy.  She began jumping up and down, clapping and shouting “yah yah”.

We’ve been reading books with V about it but have had only a few conversations as we have been letting time pass.  However, there was something about yesterday that just clicked inside her.  Something inside her fully understood what her mom was saying.

You see, I told her I was working on papers for us to bring home another child, a little brother or sister.  She flooded me with questions from how old the child will be (she stated she would like a sibling around her age) to where the child was coming from to why we were bringing one home.  I answered each question she had.

I shared with her that this was a child that did not have a home and we were going to be their home, their family.  Her response was “like one of the children daddy helps to have water and food?”  (That is how she understands her dad’s job, he helps get water and food to kids that don’t have any.)  I said yes.  She continued to jump around saying how happy she was.  When the huzband came out of his office, she looked at me as if we were the only two who knew this secret and blurted it out to him as if he had no idea we were planning on doing this!

Be still my heart!  There was something extra special about that moment, Velda’s joy, her questions and desire to know more, her understanding that we still have to wait for a long time.  It was unexpected, her response, but one that I treasure.  I need those hopeful moments.  It can be tiresome waiting; it tries on my faith but little V reminded me of the joy that awaits our family.  I know it will not all be easy ahead, but I look forward to it, with the huzband and little V by my side!

It was a welcome reminder that our family is ready and waiting for newest member!

7 thoughts on “paperwork

  1. Little v is such a special and wonderful little girl!! And that new addition to the Martinez clam is going to be very lucky to have her as a sister and you guys has parents!!!

  2. This makes my heart sing! What a wonderful, loving family that baby is going to receive. Especially his/her big sister! 🙂

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