spirit week

Last week was Spirit Week at little V’s school.  It was a week to celebrate all the hard work everyone had done this school year; a time to kick back and just have some fun.  For each day of the week there was a different theme.  The day’s ranged from crazy hat day to pajama day, prince/princess day to red,white & blue day.  The last day, Friday, ended with a bang; it was carnival day!  We had heard about it all week-long, not quite sure what to expect.  Parents were invited to join their kids at school Friday for the carnival.  To say the anticipation grew throughout the week would be an understatement.

pajama day

V very much wanted to pose with her soccer ball

Little V’s school celebration wasn’t just for the kids either.  One evening during the week, they had a parent celebration night.  It was a no kids evening where all the parents were invited out to the school.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but when the huzband and I arrived, the gym was decorated, food was laid out and a DJ was banging out the tunes.  It was a party for the parents.  There was dancing, awards, delicious food and patriotic hats and necklaces.  The huzband took a video of me dancing with a bunch of other parents and teachers.  It was hilarious and fun.

What struck me most about this evening was not the party but the teachers.  Here are these teachers serving our students all year-long.  Teachers that I am beyond words thankful for.  And at a moment when I feel that I should be serving them for working so hard with our kids, they are serving us, literally.  They were serving us parents and applauding us for working along with them throughout the year.  My heart is so grateful for V’s first experience with school; for the amazing teachers, great program, compassionate principal and caring staff.  This evening for the parents left me humbled, for the staff went above and beyond my expectations.

can you guess what day today was?

the princess and her daddy : his first time seeing her all dressed up

the princess and her puppy : you’re never to fancy to roll around on the ground

her royal chariot

So tomorrow will be little V’s very last day of pre-k.  There will be a little “moving up” ceremony where I am sure the children will sing songs (V has been practicing her songs at home, in the car, on the toilet and with several attempts during dinner).  It is also her last day with her speech therapist Tina.  I have attempted to explain to V that she won’t see her teachers next year; that she will have a new teacher.  She thinks I am wrong and that Ms. Gedeon and Mrs. Alamo will be at her new school next year.  I have sat her down to let her know she won’t be seeing Tina anymore; she gives me a sad and confused face, asking me why and why and why.

I believe there is a part of me that is also having a bit of trouble realizing I won’t be seeing these three women anymore.  Three women that have become so very important in not only V’s life but mine as well.  Three exceptional women whom I have come to appreciate and cherish.  How do you say goodbye?

My heart is becoming full with a mixture of emotions.  Feelings of joy seeing my little V grow up just a bit more, delighted at how much she has developed and learned this past year, happy to know she is happy and content.  However, mixed in are not only these feelings of delight but also bittersweet emotions as we say goodbye to our very first chapter of school.  Over the past week as I’ve thought about all of this, tears have begun to well up.  (Hello, you have been reading some of my posts right?  I am THAT MOTHER!)  And though I am delighted to see my little one growing up, as all you parents out their understand, it is also saddening to know she is ever so slowly, and quickly, growing up.

After tomorrow, my little V will be an official Kindergartener.  Is she really old enough?

Carnival day has arrived

Mrs. Alamo showing V what to do

holding hands with Ms. Gedeon

In case you were just dying to know, Carnival day was quite the day.  The school had blocked off part of the parking lot and filled it with games (mini golf, knock the cans down and some others I didn’t visit), cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones and lots of big bouncy and/or sliding things!  It was heavenly for little four and five-year old’s!  There was even some grown up food for the parents which the huzband sniffed out right away!

the huzband enjoying the grown up food

I’d say it was a good day had by all!

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