looking back on a father’s day

I am thankful for moments when V gets to do special little things with her dad.  Hopefully, some of these moments she will remember and look fondly back on.  Here are some pictures from a special Father’s Day last year when our little family went camping.  The camp ground we were at had a father & child boating contest.  I think much fun was had this specific morning.  I thought it’d be fun to remember this moment from last year.

Just for your info the race consisted of: the father and kid hopping in a canoe, paddling to the other end of the pool, grabbing a ball, paddling over to the hoop and tossing the ball into it.  Whomever completed it the fastest was the winner.  V and the huzband were neither the fastest nor a winner; there was a bit of paddling trouble, not quite canoe paddling experts.  However, to give the huzband the benefit of the doubt, V was the youngest paddler there by a few years.

I think V was the youngest kid a part of it

V watching to see what she will have to do

loaded up and ready to go

and they are off

getting the ball was the hardest part with V’s short arms and the huzband’s {ahem} expert paddling

she shoots

she scores!

Today was an especially nice Father’s Day as well, for today we had three father’s celebrating.  The huzband, my dad and the huzband’s dad all got to relax and watch some Nascar together while my mom, Grandma and I put together a super delicious lunch (if I do say so myself!)

It is good to celebrate dad’s, they are pretty darn important!

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