rainy day

I love the rain, from the smell of rain, to the feel of rain drops on my head.  I also love all the weather that can come with rain, thunder and lightning, fog, wind, chilly temperatures, overcast and cloudy days, all of it warms my heart.  There is something about the briskness that comes with rainy days that feels so good against my skin.  I am one of the few that hopes for rain when the sky is full of clouds.  I feel more alive, more awake on the gloomiest of days!

There is a powerfulness and strength to rain.  On one side a lot of damage can be done when much rain collects.  On the other side, how much life is brought forth when rain pours.  It is a beautiful and mysterious thing all wrapped in one.

So even a day like today, where the rain would come and go in short spurts, it never bothered me once to be caught under it, while enjoying my dinner at a local Greek festival.  It is just another part of this beautiful Earth to be thankful for.

Do you have a favorite weather that breathes new air into your lungs and reminds you how great it is to be alive?

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