a letter to the huzband

Yesterday morning V and I took the huzband to the airport.  He was hopping on a plane to Rwanda.  In case you haven’t heard the story, we arrived at JFK airport and I ask him what terminal he is at.  

He replies “A”.  

My response, “There is no A”.  

The huzband: “It’s A”.  

Me: “Ummm, there is no A.  They are all numbers.”  

The huzband, “oh crap, it’s Laguardia”.  

In case you don’t know, Laguardia is an entirely different airport.  So we proceeded, through bumper to bumper traffic, to the next airport.  Thus begins the huzband’s time away.

I don’t know how much access the huzband will have to internet, how often he will get to check his email.  I do know that when he does, I always want to make sure there is a note waiting for him in his inbox….or on my blog.

Hey Love!!

It’s about 4 am your time in Rwanda.  I hope you were all able to get to your hotel and just crash!  We miss you around here.  During the day it’s normal, but when evening comes, it feels empty.  I thought I’d fill you in on a very interesting first day of the huzband being away.  (Since technically you were here yesterday, if even for a bit, today is the first 24 hours of you not being home.)  It never fails that life likes to keep me on my toes and I think it knows when you are away; it’s like a bad joke.  =)

The day started with V and I headed to see Tina (her speech therapist).  Within the first 3 minutes of being on the Southern (a highway), the same car cut me off 3 times.  Now I don’t mean he quickly passed into my lane, a bit too close but no harm done.  I mean, he was so close I thought he was going to hit me, you could see my breath on his back window, you couldn’t slide one finger between his bumper and mine; that’s how close I mean.

The first time, it was close, shame on you bad driver, life goes on.

The second time, shame on me because I saw him there and had that gut feeling.  I laid on my horn to let him know he was not cool and you know me, it is rare I use my horn.

The third time, he was toying with me and there was more prolonged horn honking.

I am proud of myself, I didn’t yell or scream, I didn’t say anything I would have to apologize to V about later, there was no special sign language coming from my hands; I kept it cool.  I was furious, but I remained calm.

Okay, not entirely calm.  In fact, though outwardly I was as cool as a cucumber, inwardly, crazy momma was let loose.  I had pulled up next to his car after the second time; neither him or his cheeky chic passenger looked at me.  They were just laughing and smiling as if endangering the life of a four-year old child is fun.  That infuriated me.  I felt like a mad woman wanting to wrap my fingers around their puny little necks.  I’m not going to lie, I momentarily thought about slamming our car into his.  I also thought of following him, following him till he could go no further and then crush him in my hands.  However, I opted not to cancel on Tina.

I can’t even explain to you how insanely crazy and upset I was.  That someone would purposely endanger another’s life for sport, would laugh it off as if life was easy.  If it was just me in the car, it would not have bothered me so much.  However, part of my existence was sitting peacefully in the back seat looking out the window.  Do you think it is any coincidence that you and I were talking two days prior about if we ever got in an accident with Velda in the car what we would agree to do.  I wanted to take his head and bash it against his steering wheel repeatedly.  Yes, I look normal on the outside but I am CRAZY MOMMA flowing all through my veins.

I am so thankful for the sweat voice coming from the back that just plainly said, “bad driver” and that was it.

So I treated myself to tea and a muffin while V was with Tina.  I thought I deserved it.

Now, don’t think it ended there.  After Tina came the usual Wednesday routine, come back home, grab Lola, walk to bus stop and put V on school bus.  Oh wait, did I forget to put in there that I locked myself out of the house!!!!  With you en route to Rwanda and my father-in-law in Colombia, oh why does this happen to me?!  Oh, and then it started raining.  Keep laughing, it’s hilarious.  It was the first time I scolded myself for locking all our windows all the time!  Thankfully, I found the window by our staircase open.  Now, how to get up there.  I pulled out our ladder but it wasn’t quite tall enough.  So I knocked on Tom’s (our neighbor) door and asked to borrow his ladder.  I remembered he had a super long one I had seen him using before.  He pulled it out and held it steady for me.  I thought I might die trying to break into my own home, but I survived.  I am sure I was quite the sight “sliding” into this small window.  I am so very glad Tom was home.

Compared to my morning, the rest of the day was quite uneventful!

In workout news: I did 30 minutes on the elliptical.  My knee/hamstring area never hurt during, just a wee bit afterwards when I bent my knee.  Overall it has been feeling good but last night it bothered me a little.  If it keeps feeling good tomorrow, then I’ll try running again on Friday.

I love you so very much!  V misses you so very much.  I don’t tell you all this to worry you; really, I laugh at myself and the situations I get into!  =)  I’m an oddball and I can’t help it.  I will be praying for you and the whole team.

Love ya,


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