the traveling bear


If you spend even just a small amount of time with little V, most likely you will meet her most faithful of friends: Osito, also known as Baboo.  She received Baboo as a gift before she was even born. A coworker of mine from Starbucks (that’s you Kaylan) gifted him to us at a little work baby shower. Little did any of us know how important this little guy would become.

It wasn’t instant. It took time as the two got familiar with each other. However, somewhere along the way, she grabbed a hold of his little stuffed paw and never let go!

Now I have to let you in on a little secret: I am not sure if Osito is the original. (Gasp). You see, somewhere along the way we lost him, then Kaylan gave us another one, then we bought one as a backup, we lost another, found him, left him behind, had him returned and it kind of keeps going. I remember there was a point that we found the original but honestly, it is all mixed up. What I do know is every plane, car or train ride little V has taken, this guy has been with her for every step. Couldn’t we all use an Osito sometimes?


If Osito had a travel book, he would be sharing pictures of his adventures to Alaska, Oklahoma, Colombia, Aruba, as well as road trips to Vermont and Georgia. He is a well traveled little bear.

One thought on “the traveling bear

  1. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping child. Love that last shot. And I’m happy to say that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Osito on several occasions! 🙂

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