a favorite family of mine

One of my all time favorite families asked me to take some pictures of them together last October.  Why are they one of my all time fav’s? Honestly, they are amazing.  They have such big hearts, loving deeply, their character is one of quality, honesty, passion and servant-hood.  To know them is truly an honor and I was beside myself to spend the afternoon with them.

The family: Joe & Ro and their twin {grown} children, Anthony & Vanessa.  I love to hear stories about Anthony and Vanessa from when they were growing up.  The joy of the special twin bond, there is nothing quite like it.  I first met the twins in 2005 while they were still in high school.  Now, they are all grown up, college graduates, in the working field and Vanessa just became a wife only a few weeks ago.  (I shared some of her bridal shower pics here.)  We took these pictures to document the last of this stage in their family life, when it is just the four of them.

We headed to Jones Beach on a lovely afternoon, strolled around and had fun.  I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did taking them!

 did I forget to mention how ridiculously good-looking and beautiful this family is?!

2 thoughts on “a favorite family of mine

  1. Great family shots. The one i find most interesting is the last one. The frame idea is so cool i will definitely have to try this. Thanks for sharing.

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