food photography

Do you ever look at a picture of a recipe in a cookbook or online and think how amazingly delicious it looks?  Does it make you want to go make it right away and enjoy all its goodness?  Recently I have been taken with food photography.  How much a picture can make a dish look absolutely delightful or completely terrible.  I have been using dinnertime as an opportunity to capture my new subjects.  Already I have learned a few things…

– always shoot in the day time

 My kitchen does not have the best lighting (via fixtures) and once the sun sets, all is lost.  I already love the natural light so I just have to make a point to capture my delicious subjects before sunset.  I am also thankful we are headed into the season of longer days.

 – how food is portrayed is of utter importance

I am not aiming to publish a cookbook or anything (boy would that be fun) but I can see how food is portrayed, platered, prepared can really make a difference in how appealing it is.  Who would have thought what bowl to what back ground would make such a difference.  For now, I just work with what I have.

– I can’t quite decide if it’s the color of my countertop or the big silver sink that is the bigger eye sore

Vain, I know.

– talking to my subjects (i.e. food) makes me a bit of a crazy lady I think

4 thoughts on “food photography

  1. Your, not You’re. Good grief. Just now working on some Starbucks….clearly not fully with it this morning

    1. ha ha. sometimes you just need that morning caffeine! but wait, i misspell things all the time, morning, noon and night! =)

  2. I need to learn how to use my camera at all. Mike gets frustrated with me, so maybe you could fly down and do a weekend photo taking class. Yes, let’s make that happen! 🙂

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