a mess

I ‘heart’ this little girl.

This week is a big week in our little household.

– I’ve been helping my father-in-law with some things

– the huzband’s big Team World Vision half marathon is this Saturday

so much preparation, getting things organized, set up,  packet picket, meetings, etc for 900 runners who are gathering in Flushing Meadow Park to run 13.1 miles (or a 5K) while fundraising to provide clean water for children in Africa

– our good friends Andrew and Vanessa are getting married Saturday (hooray) and my little V is their flower girl

we’ve got nails to do, her first hair appointment and practice time for walking down an aisle

And among all the big things are lots of little things, like a stomach bug going around the house, doctor visits, puppy training class and the list goes on.  All this to say, the house.  is.  a.  mess.

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