a day late

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

I know I am a day late but yesterday was such a beautiful day that we spent most of it out-of-doors.  The morning was consumed with the huzband’s run in Central Park, whereas our afternoon was split between a park for our little V and a dog park for our Lola.    In honor of our favorite green holiday, we made Shamrock Blizzards at home this week.  I have never had one; I’ve seen the green wonders advertised but have never tried one till now.  All I can say is who needs a holiday for this deliciousness!  You need to go make this now because it is mmmmm yummy!

everything needed

I found this little deliciousness in a cup on Tasty Kitchen (here is the link to it – your mouth will thank you!)  I rallied the troops and put them to work.  I do enjoy little celebrations like these.

putting the entire container of mint chocolate chip, yes all of it, yes you want to, yes it is gooood

breaking up the Oreo cookies into crumbs

make sure to take a few cookie breaks amongst all the hard work

blend it all together (I did add a bit of milk)

Note to self: blending an entire container of ice cream doesn’t really happen.  It’s more of a blend/mash with a spoon kind of thing.  Non-the-less, it’s what makes it so blizzard-ly wonderful!  Second note to self: it is interesting how everyone in the house comes out of the woodwork when ice cream and cookies are set out, even the dog.  Everyone chipped in on this, except for the dog!

top with whip cream, a few more cookie crumbles and enjoy heaven in your mouth

guaranteed satisfied customers!

Now go enjoy your own and continue celebrating St. Patty’s day!

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