My father-in-law has quite the unending collection of hats and tonight, little V was first introduced to it.  After dinner, the two of them were laughing and playing with the hats in the other room while I did the dishes.  I wasn’t sure what they were up to but I enjoyed the background noise of the two of them having fun.  When I finally had the kitchen cleaned up, I headed downstairs to join V.  She was very adamant about showing the huzband and I something and what followed was a fashion show of sorts, a fashion show of hats!

she is quite the character

The huzband took all these pictures of our little character and later posted the above on Facebook.  I love all her different faces as she proudly saunters out of Papu’s room to show us each hat.  It reminded me of a little hat fashion show I did with little V a few years back.  The only difference is the first time momma subjected her to wear each and every hat she had collected since birth and there was no sauntering, walking or talking.  Perhaps some babble and plenty of delicious baby cheeks.

my little V at about 5 months : I narrowed it down a bit, there’s probably twice as many

Oh how much this little girl has grown!  It seems like just a little bit ago she was a bundle in my arms and now she is in pre-k.

If you are up to looking at more pictures of those cheeks under a hat, go check out the rest on my Facebook.

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