her wallet

A little while back our little V received a pink wallet as a gift from her aunt (the huzband’s sister).  Quite often I find her playing with it, either tucked in her backpack or amidst several toys she is carrying.  She collects coins that she finds around the house and places them in her wallet.  Sometimes she “pays me” for books.  Other times she asks me for more money when her coins seem to have disappeared.

Earlier today, while little V was flipping through her pink wallet, she asked what the clear pages were for.  I told her they were for putting pictures in.  Right away she wanted to put some pictures in so I told her when she got home from school we could print some off to put in her wallet.

I have to say it was a fun little project for the two of us to work on.  Of course, there were only eight slots so not everyone made the cut; however, V was pretty specific that her cousins Hannah, Leah and Lucas had to be in there.  So when she got home from school, we printed off a few sheets of pictures and got to cutting.

I had been thinking recently to use V’s fascination with coins to begin teaching her about money.  I have begun making a chore chart for her of simple jobs she can help with around the house; things like making her bed, dusting (which she loves to do with a swiffer duster), helping set the table and so on.  When she completes one, she will receive some money to put in her penny bank.  I’m thinking like 5 cents; she is four after all!  When she has collected a good amount, we’ll head over to the local bank and use their machine to count up her coins.  I anticipate there will be some excitement over turning these coins in and receiving full-blown dollar bills!  Of course, it will be awhile but my hope is that she will begin to learn the value of money as well as feeling proud of her saving and hard work.  It’s all sounds like a lot but we are just taking it one step at a time.

Step 1 :: prepare the wallet

the final product

I don’t remember what age kids begin to learn about money but I figure it is good to make the most of what V is interested in at the moment and she is interested in little coins.  My hope is to find little learning moments through it all beyond just the value of money.  Every day I notice how much more she is learning, asking questions and understanding her world around her.

admiring her handiwork

she didn’t want to smile for the picture

It was a fun afternoon project, going through each picture, when it was taken, who is in it or how we got there.  Though she is grumpy face in the picture above, she really did have a good time cutting out each picture for her wallet.  I would say it was a success.

there’s that smile I love so much

3 thoughts on “her wallet

  1. Let them bring to you what they want to learn about. She’ll find it that much more meaningful!

    She’s so gorgeous, Rach! And is so lucky to have such a great Mama!

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