the fence

For so long I have wanted to post about our new home, “la casa nueva“.  I’m hoping that in time, I’ll be able to take you through a walk of our new home, the different rooms, some of the projects you have weighed in on and upcoming ones as well.  We are coming up on a year soon (I can’t believe it): a year in February since we closed on the house and a year in March since we moved into the house.  So for tonight, I thought I’d share with you the most recent construction that took place.

Back in November we decided to get rid of the old, dilapidated, whole ridden fence in our back yard.  Before doing any sort of work in our yard, the huzband and I agreed that a new fence was needed.  We wanted to keep the backyard a safe place for our little V, keeping her in and all other vermin out.  So before the ground got too cold, we decided to go ahead and replace the fence.  So following is a photo walk through: out with the old fence, in with the new!

the old fence has already been removed on the left, you can still see it in the back

checking on the progress

goodbye old fence

my wild child: the work on the fence occurred while she was sick for a few weeks so we were having a bit of cabin fever and were very excited to be outdoors, hence the outfit and out of control hair

discussing the property line

the new fence has arrived

hello beautiful (though now our grass looks a little pathetic)

two wonderful reasons for a fun and safe backyard

Oh, and did I forget to mention the other reason for replacing our fence?  It’s to keep this little puppy close to home!  I love watching my two little girls play and have fun in the backyard.  There is lots of fun and memories to be had for many years to come!

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