fourth birthday pictures

Exactly one month ago today we celebrated little V’s fourth birthday with her very first big party.  You may remember this day because it was also our first snow here on Long Island.  Our original birthday plans included a pony and baby zoo coming to the house.  Due to the snow though, plans needed to change.  I remember thinking to myself, ‘how am I going to entertain 12 kids?’  Thankfully, the huzband suggested calling Jon and amazingly enough, someone had cancelled and Jon was able to come to V’s party.  We first met Jon at On The Border a few years ago.  If you go on a Tuesday or Thursday night, he comes by and makes balloon animals for your table.  These aren’t just dogs and bears; John is truly an artist when it comes to creating with balloons!  Even with momentary mishaps, this fourth birthday party turned out great!

We had Jon and his amazing balloon creations, we had a craft for all the kids to work on (a frame to paint and decorate) and we had plenty of food for all!  Even the birthday cupcakes made it safe and sound.  (My mom was bringing the birthday cupcakes from New Jersey.  On their way, in the snow and rain, my dad’s car got a flat tire on the Verrazano Bridge.  Thankfully, triple A came quickly and the cupcakes made it…as well as the grandparent’s, great grandma and photographer!)

It was complete chaos as 12 kids and 30 teens/adults mingled, played, had balloons made, painted and chatted up every spot in the house!  This was by far the biggest party we have ever had with a whopping 42 in attendance as well as being our very first birthday party to host!  It was crazy, exciting and a lot of fun.  I am so thankful for all our friends and family that came to share in celebrating little V’s four years of life!  My life is richer because of every person in attendance.  They share a part of the huzband and I’s life, they take time to be in V’s life, they are a part of the joy we experience daily.  Our little family is so very thankful for each and every person (big and little) that came to be a part of our celebration!

Because I knew both the huzband and I would have our hands full, I asked a photographer friend of ours to join us in celebrating and document V’s fourth birthday party.  I am also very thankful for Catie and all the pictures she took.  Take time to go check out her photography website, her missionary website (she is an urban missionary to the homeless in NY & NJ, and her flickr site.  She is just pretty darn awesome!  I hope you enjoy the photo recap as much as I have because there are plenty of them!

a balloon pony, since the real pony couldn’t come

a birthday cake balloon hat

a scuba outfit, flippers and all, made out of balloons

the birthday cupcakes that made it regardless of a flat tire and all

notice how only the icing is being eaten? that’s how she eats all her cupcakes

so thankful Valentina came, she was the only other little girl in attendance (majority of our friends have boys)

balloon flowers for momma

words can not describe how upside down her room was, sign of lots of fun had

a bit of pin the tail on the donkey

After the balloons, crafts, cake, empanadas, arroz con pollo, games, more games, kids running up the stairs, kids running down the stairs, kids chasing the cat, more food and more fun, things started slowing down.  Most of the guests had left and those remaining fit into the category of family, close friends and friends that are family.  Now seemed a good time for V to open her gifts. She had the help of some friends (three brothers) and it was a lot of fun to watch her open gifts of things she had been “hinting” at.

her very first necklace from Grandma Velda

thanking Uncle Juan

she has wanted a pillow pet for so long, she now sleeps with two every night

It was a memorable day celebrating a very special life with wonderful friends and family!

A day I am so very thankful for!

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