Thankfulness : day 24

step one : the potatoes

I mentioned in my last post about how our Thanksgiving plans were changed last-minute.  Due to V not improving quite like we were hoping, we chose to not travel on the busiest travel day of the year  and lay low the next few days to give her all the time she might need to get fully healthy.  In the process, I think we all are experiencing a bit of cabin fever.  However, it hasn’t stopped us from enjoying our time together.  It’s funny how even when things don’t go as planned, there can be so much to appreciate and be thankful for.

step two : the carrots

We are still in year one of living in our new home, also known as “la Casa Nueva”.  There are lots of firsts and even months later we get to experience some more.  Today was one of those firsts.  Today we celebrated our first Thanksgiving in our very own home. There was something special about cooking dinner for my little family, going at our own pace, taking time to enjoy little moments and being thankful for the walls that surround us.  I know that our home is a material thing, however I am so very thankful for it.  It is truly a gift and a blessing that I am constantly aware of, one that I never really pictured having.  I desire to do my best to take care of it.  My little family has been so abundantly blessed and we want to do our best to share those blessings with others.  I am extra thankful today for la Casa Nueva and all the memories that are being made within its walls.

step three : the ham

I share a lot about my daughter.  For those looking from the outside in, maybe it seems like a ton.  For me, being on the inside, it only makes sense because she is my offspring, my life is now in her life.  Today was an extra special Thanksgiving for me as a mom.  Today, the two of us made Thanksgiving dinner together.  V and I have cooked before whether it be cookies, eggs or anything else she wants to jump in on.  Today however, I made a point to include V in all the cooking and preparation.  She truly does love to help and be involved with what is going on.  I told her last night that she would get to help with everything and delighted doesn’t even cover her response.  For breakfast I made some cinnamon buns and when she heard the timer go off, she thought I had started without her.  I had to reassure her that it was only breakfast.  She was a big girl now and was going to help momma with the big stuff, which came later.  Because today had a slower pace to it, I was able to really relish all our little moments together, from sprinkling the thyme to mashing the potatoes, setting the table to food sampling and snack breaks.  Though we missed being with our family in Tennessee, I am so very thankful for this special time with my daughter.

step four : the table

I am thankful that things didn’t go as planned so that V and I could giggle and laugh together over fallen carrots and spilled mashed potatoes.  That I could watch her have the responsibility of making the name plates for everyone (all four of us) and walk proudly to the table as she got to choose where everyone sat.  I am even thankful for having my shower interrupted by a little girl wearing a bathing suit and swim goggles.

step five : the stuffing

Today has been a good day, one full of memories made and cherished.

One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful, laid back day. I know Velda will remember that day! I hope she (and everyone else) is feeling better!

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