Thankfulness : Day 22

a picture of a story she drew in class.  what it says below:

My story is about my family.  I made mommy.  I made daddy.  I made me.  I made my cat and mia.

We have been a house full of sickness ever since we returned home from visiting family last week.  My little V has had the worst of it and isn’t improving quite like we were hoping.  Because of it, we canceled our Thanksgiving plans to visit the huzband’s family in Tennessee.  We are lying low the next few days to give her a chance (and all of us really) to kick this sickness in the butt once and for all.

Today has been a bit of catch up for myself as well getting things in order before hovering back down for Thanksgiving.  Some of today consisted of a parent/teacher conference with V’s teachers, another visit to V’s doctor and a late night grocery run since Thanksgiving will now be at our home and the fridge was looking pretty bare.

I spent a good portion of today with people who take an interest in my daughter’s life.  Yes, they get paid for it.  Yes, it’s a profession they chose however, nonetheless, I am thankful for them.  I am thankful that they take the time to talk to her, truly get to know her and desire to see her succeed, do well and be healthy.  I am thankful that they care because that means so very much to her mom.  I appreciate Ms. Gedeon, pushing V to do more because she knows she has it in her and I appreciate Mrs. Alamo listening to her tell story after story about her cat.  I appreciate Dr. Lorianne laughing with her in the hallway and taking extra time to think about the best way to help her get healthy.  People don’t automatically care, listen or love.  It is a choice that you make and today I am extra appreciative of these women and the choices they make.  They are women that V comes home talking about, women that she misses when she hasn’t been to school in 6 days, women that she plays hide and seek with in the hallways.  I am thankful for them and thankful to God for surrounding my little one, as well as her family, with kind-hearted, compassionate people who don’t just succeed but excel at what they do!

By the way, we are not sure who mia is yet.

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