girl time

Thankfulness : day 16

We have been visiting my brother’s family the past few days in Oklahoma.  They have two twin girls, Hannah and Leah and not pictured is Lucas.  My little V has been having such a great time with these two girls.  Besides the fact that they love playing with Velda and include her in everything, it has been wonderful for V to just play with girls.  Majority of our friends back home have boys; lots and lots of boys.  Boys who don’t want to play dress up, put on lip gloss or attend fancy birthday tea parties.

Boys who don’t want to hold hands, skip down the halls and giggle and laugh in little circles.

Not just today but the past few days I have been extremely thankful for the quality girl time little V is having with her primas.  Girl time is always good for the soul and I am thankful she is benefiting from this time.  I am also thankful she is not the only one who gets to have fun at girly tea parties!

So thank you to all the Oklahoma girls for letting us be a part of your daily life for a few days!

One thought on “girl time

  1. We had so much fun!! Our house seems very quiet now, and we are already missing you. Thankfully, we’ll be in your neck of the woods a month from tomorrow!! 🙂

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