big girl moments

Thankfulness : day 14

I am thankful for the little moments in my daughter’s life that are part of her growing up, a part of her ever-growing independence.  I am thankful for the moments that she decides to take a brave step forward and give something a try.  Today that came in the form of paying for her own books (with momma’s money, but nonetheless).  We were at her cousin’s school library where they were having a book fair.  After much deliberation, finally two books were chosen.  As we were approaching the counter, she asked me for the money.  I was surprised but gladly obliged.  She patiently waited in line (only one young girl in front of her) till it was her turn.

It’s these little moments that fill my heart with such joy when I watch her.  They are a reminder of how much she is growing up, how much she is learning and how big a responsibility it is to be her mother.  I am thankful for these big girl moments that remind and teach me so much.

It is not only about her big girl moments though, but mine as well.  God gives us moments for us to take a step in faith, walk bravely and grow in Him.  I am just as thankful for these.  Talking with my sister-in-law today, I was reminded of a more recent one.  The whole process from when we first saw our future home and actually closed on it was a very, very, very long one.  Through it though, God taught me a lot with one of the most important lessons being on faith in His timing and patience.  I am thankful for how God used the whole buying a house process to teach and mold me.  Little did I know that not long after, I would be exercising what He lovingly taught me.  Now I am walking through a season where anxiety and impatience could get the best of me.  However, I can exercise patience, knowing God’s timing is in control.  I can walk in His peace instead of my own apprehensiveness.  I am so very extrememly thankful for that!

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