Thankfulness : Day 13

Thursday night we attended a wedding of two people who used to attend our youth group.  It was an honor and a privilege to be in attendance, being witness to not only two people becoming one in marriage, but seeing them go from little kids in youth group to becoming husband and wife!  What a great night!

However, I have to admit, my thankfulness for today is not the wedding itself but what happened while there.  You see, not long after we entered the dinner area, the wedding photographer (pictured above) approached me.  He saw my camera in hand earlier and kindly assumed I might have a clue about what I was doing.  He asked me to help him buckle his two camera straps together.  We got to talking and before I knew it, he was attaching one of his lenses onto my camera.  I was a bit dumbfounded, I admit.  Through the course of the night, he continued to attach lens after lens onto my camera and let me go shooting.  In the midst of him working, he would stop by, take a look and give me some pointers.  He even loaned me one of his CF cards because silly me, in a rush out the door, grabbed the wrong CF card (a 1GB…really, not enough space at all!)  He just said to mail him his CF card later.

I went home that night truly astonished at his actions.  I am floored by how kind he was to share with me, a total stranger.  What a kind heart, one that isn’t holding on for their own benefit but generous and encouraging.  He later sent an email encouraging me to keep going for it.  I am truly thankful for Harrison and his kindness and generosity!  I am thankful that there are people in this world willing to take the time to encourage and share with others.  And of course I am extremely thankful for such an impromptu learning moment with some real quality stuff!  Harrison not only took time to teach me some photography tips, but through his actions, he taught me to take the time to invest in others, big or small; to be willing to share with others whatever I may have to offer.

Thank you Harrison!

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