whirlwind weekend

This past weekend has been quite the whirlwind!  Sunday was the prestigious NYC Marathon where the huzband was running.  Though he has run it before (last year), he is now the Team Captain and in charge of all the weekend activities.  It all started with the arrival of one of his co-workers Rusty (Thursday), continued to the Team Dinner Friday night (which I thought was pretty awesome).  Saturday the huzband and Rusty were in the city with fellow runners getting their packets and having lunch; us girls were at a very important bridal shower.  All this was followed by the main event: the marathon.

Let’s see, the huzband was off on his way to Staten Island by 5:30 am.  The rest of us, myself, Rusty and his wife (she arrived Saturday), headed to the Team World Vision cheer station on 91st and 5th Avenue (right before the runners enter Central Park for their last few miles).  We got there about 9 am to claim our spot and set up/decorate.  We wanted the runners to see us coming up on their 23rd mile, knowing we were there to cheer them on for the home stretch!

What a weekend!  It was wonderful and exhausting.  I got to meet lots of new people and get to know others a bit more.  A highlight were the 9 Australians that came to run the NYC Marathon with Team World Vision.  They came to the team dinner and we all cheered loud for them.  Their team captain Rose spent the day with us, along with family and friends, at the cheer station and it was great to meet all these people in person!  Putting a face to the name!  Monday both the huzband and I took the day off from everything else and just spent it together.  It was a much-needed break from the business of life.  In case you are wondering, the huzband did great in his marathon however, we will have a special post dedicated just to that!

So there is the weekend recap…and not once did I sit down to my blog.  I know you thought after four days I had already forgotten my thankfulness project.  I have not.  I have thought about it all weekend, spending time each day being thankful for different things/people.  It was just a busy weekend and I cut myself some slack!  So here is a thankfulness recap, a few days combined into one.

Thankfulness : days 4, 5, 6

I am extremely thankful for the path God has brought the huzband and I on.  We recently celebrated one year that the huzband has been with Team World Vision.  When celebrating that, it is also a reminder that it has been one year since we closed the church.  I am more than thankful for the journey we have walked together as huzband and wife, and am grateful that together as one, we continue to seek God in all we do.  I couldn’t ask for anything better than a man who loves God whole heartedly!

I am so very thankful for my mom and dad.  I could go on and on here about how great they are.  I think a lot of us could about our own parents.  But they really are some pretty amazing parents.  They showed up Sunday to help cheer on the huzband in the 30 seconds that he passed us.  They played with V, mingled in the crowd and got to know our new friends and co-workers.  They are so much a part of who I am and I am so beyond words thankful for them in my life!

Date night.  Date nights are a very good thing no matter what shape or form they take.  I am thankful for these special times that I get to spend with the huzband whether it’s a trip for coffee, dinner or movie night during Hurricane Irene.  I am thankful for the little moments spent with my best friend and my lover!

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