Team World Vision

This October 25th we are coming up on a year that the huzband has been working with Team Word Vision.  How quickly time passes; already almost a year.  The huzband calls this his dream job; he wakes up thinking do I really get to do this everyday?!  It dawned on me the other day that not everyone really knows what he does now since the church closed.  So I thought perhaps I would take a few moments to share a bit more about the journey the huzband is on these days.  So to start us off, here is an Emmy nominated video from Team World Vision [TWV] that is self explanatory.

Today is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.  Runner’s from all over the world are gathering for 26.2 miles.  Team World Vision is the largest charity to be a part of the Chicago Marathon.  Chicago is where it all began for TWV.  Today they have 1,000 + runners taking on the challenge for TWV and just so you know, about 80% of these runners are a first time marathoner.  These 1000 runners have thus far raised $500,000.  This $500,000 provides 10,000 people with clean water.

Do you ever think about it?  We turn on the tap every day and pour ourselves a glass of water never giving it a second thought.  There are about 1 billion people in the world that drink dirty water.  Dirty water that brings disease, even death.  Here’s another one for you: 4,200 children die every day!  Every day because they drink dirty water.

So today, there are 1,000 people challenging themselves for these kids.  They are saying ‘no more’.  They are literally putting a clean glass of water in a little kids hands today!  And the huzband is all a part of this.  He is there cheering them on, encouraging them when they hit the wall, welcoming them when they have completed 26.2 miles, feeding them, cause I’m sure they are hungry and thanking them for changing lives!

Joining these 1000 runners are 4 people who will be finishing up a 100 mile run with the Chicago Marathon.  Yes, you read correctly.  Four people, Michael, Hannah, Rusty and Paul are running one hundred miles.  They began last night running through the night.  When they get to the start of the Chicago Marathon, they will have already run 74 miles.  Their goal is to change 400 lives in Africa through child sponsorship.  Their purpose, the purpose of Team World Vision, the purpose of the 1,000 runners running for clean water in Africa is to help others.

So take a few minutes and go check out Team World Vision’s website.  Go check out Michael, Hannah, Rusty, Paul and the children they sponsor personally.  Maybe you’ll be the next one to take on 3.1 miles, 13.1 miles or even 26.2.  Hey, you never know!

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