school bus

So I told you all about V’s first day of school but I never filled you in on her first day to ride the school bus.  This is a major event here people.  You need to be filled in on the know.  (If you missed her first day, go check it out here.)

the bus stop

Her first ride on the school bus occurred on her second day of school after the phase in days.  This day was the first day ALL the little pre-k kids were going to school together.  This is a big day, for our little girl as well as probably the school staff.

here comes the bus

She was ready.  She didn’t need mommy to come on the bus with her.  She said she was big enough.  I think there was excitement mixed with aprehension for her.  For me it was more nervousness than anything else.  To be putting her on a bus and letting them drive away with the most precious cargo in my life.  It’s just all a bit too much!

watching the bus pull up; do you think she looks nervous?

All these little heads and little eyes were peering through the bus windows at me as I waved goodbye to my little girl.  I gave those little eyes a wave too.  A few waved back.  It’s a big day for all of them so perhaps a friendly face along the way might help ease their nerves.

ready for her first ride on the school bus

So off we send our little girl on her first bus ride to school.  Thankfully, we are the next to last stop before getting to school so it’s not a very long ride.  Of course the ride home is a whole other story.  Being the next to last stop means about a half hour bus ride, maybe longer.  How do I know this information?  Did the school give me times?  Oh, no no.  Need I remind you, I am that mother.

Behold, mom in stealth mode.  Yes, I followed the bus.  Right up to where they unloaded the kids right into the cafeteria for lunch.  I liked seeing a short walk into school with two burly men to escort/guard the children as they unload one by one.  It brought comfort that no one would mess with this precious cargo!

do you see V in the white shirt?

I resisted the urge to follow the school bus home.  Instead I chose to wait at the bus stop and be a familiar face for my little girl!  I can’t imagine what might go through her head as she sees kid by kid get off the bus.  When she finally arrives at her stop, there is only her and one other kid (the last stop).  I wouldn’t want that fear of abadonement to creep up.  I know, I know, I’m overanalyzing the bus ride home.

daddy came to be there when little V got home

waving goodbye

Can you see a little head in the top right corner?  That’s the last stop kid.  I see that little face every day.  I can’t help but wave.  A sort of ‘you’re almost home’ encouragement.  Nobody wants to be the last stop.

walking home

So we survived our first bus ride home, and when I say we there’s about a 80% me in there!  It’s all happening so quickly.  My baby V is now little V who goes to school and rides the bus.  She’s about to turn 4 and shows me more and more how much she is learning and growing.  In the blink of an eye she went from a little, snuggly, diaper wearing baby to a long haired, gangly, energy exerting little girl.  When they say your children grow up fast, they don’t tell you just how fast they grow up!  However, all I can do is enjoy each and every day with this precious little girl!  She fills my hear to overflowing!

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