Town of Huntington Tri

I have mentioned a few times on here about my upcoming triathlon.  Perhaps you were wondering how it went?  Did I survive?  Did I crawl past the finish line?  All good questions.  Well you see what ended up happening was a hurricane came through the east coast and messed things up.  My triathlon was cancelled and unfortunately, they were unable to reschedule it for another weekend.  Something about the park already being booked up.  So instead they offered discounts into a few other triathlon’s that were coming up.  I couldn’t let all this hard work just pass on by so I signed up for a different sprint triathlon: Town of Huntington Made to Tri Sprint Triathlon.

It’s about the same distance as the TOBAY (the first tri) however there is now the challenge of completing it under a certain amount of time.  They have a cut off time for completing the race, within 2 hours and 30 minutes.  Though my estimated time falls under this, it still makes me nervous and I keep having doubts about if I will fit within their time restraints.

Nonetheless, I’m going for it head on.  It is one week from today.  Next Sunday I’ll be waking up at the butt crack of dawn (the race starts at 6:45 am, yikes) and heading out to Northport for my very first triathlon.  Think of me as I’m up swimming, biking, running as you snooze away in your cozy bed!

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