first day

our first day of pre-k

Our first day of pre-k was great!  Our little V was such a trooper for we had a lot of firsts today.  In the morning, it was our first session with her speech therapist Tina.  V was seeing Tina in the spring however when we moved to la Casa Nueva, we changed school districts and had to start the process again.  We are thankful though that she was approved and is able to see Tina again.  We wanted to do our best to keep her with the same speech therapist.  She really gets along well with her.

walking to the bus stop

After seeing Tina, we headed back home to make it for V’s very first time on a school bus.  The school district provides a bus ride to and from pre-k.  (I think I was more anxious than her about this.)  I’ve been purposely driving by a local school when it lets out for the past few days so that V could see all the school buses.  Yesterday she told me that she didn’t want me to get on the bus with her; she is a big girl and can do it herself.  (Growing too fast I tell you.)

all smiles

We were informed of the time the bus is scheduled to pick her up and we were there five minutes early.  V’s teachers told us to give the bus a few days to really work out the route; many times it runs late the first week till all the kinks are worked out.  So we waited, and waited, and waited.  Then one of her teachers pulled up (Mrs. A whom I forgot to mention lives on the next street over from us) and informed us that they had just found out that morning that the buses wouldn’t start running till Friday.  (Today and tomorrow they are phasing in the kids; half today, half tomorrow.  Friday is the first day for ALL the kids to go to pre-k.)  So thankfully our car was parked right there so we hopped right in and headed off to school.  (Curious as to why my car was parked so close?  I was planning on following the school bus.  I warned you, I am that mom.)

her pre-k school

So here we are, V’s new school.  We chatted up the long walk.  I asked her if she was excited to play with her new friends.  Yes.  I reminded her to eat her lunch (the first thing they do is eat lunch together).  Ok.  We paused for one more picture.

ready to go

And of she goes to her very first day of pre-k.  I have to mention it, I actually did not cry.  I was proud of my little girl, nervous for her and found this moment a bit surreal.  How quickly she is becoming a young little girl.  Thankfully, pre-k is not too long and before long I was back at school to pick her up.

a mad house: can you see her in the midst of the crowd, holding onto her teacher’s hand

V with her teachers

Overall, it was a good day.  In honor of her first day, we did a little celebrating and went out for pizza.  It must be a great day because we ran into our friend Marguerite (she helped V plant flowers in the spring here) at our favorite pizza place!  What a pleasant surprise for all of us to spend some time over pizza together!  V was especially excited to see her so I think it was a great end to a great day!  I’m glad I get her all to myself tomorrow before doing it all over again Friday, this time with a bus ride thrown in.  Perhaps the phase in is more for the parents (like me) than it is for the kids!  Either way, I’ll take it.  It’s hard to let your heart walk so far away from you.  It leaves you a bit vulnerable.

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