Today was pre-k orientation for my little V.  Can you believe she is actually old enough to even go to school?  I can’t.  I’m still a bit baffled how this happened so quickly.

her new classroom

She is attending the Hempstead Pre-K School which has a really good program and will be a great start to her introduction to school.  The three of us took a trip down to her new school this morning.  We met the school nurse, the principal, the security guard, a fellow classmate and most importantly, her teachers: Ms. G and Mrs. A (that’s not how they refer to themselves but I didn’t feel right about putting their names up on my blog without asking them).  I was truly surprised to hear Ms. G had been teaching pre-k for over 15 years (she looks much younger) and the story of Ms. G and Mrs. A, I find, very special.  You see, Mrs. A has twin girls about 15 years old.  When they were V’s age and went to pre-k, one of them had Ms. G for a teacher.  Mrs. A shared some of her stories of cutting those strings with her daughters and how most tears came from her, not her girls.  Now today, Mrs. A is Ms. G’s assistant.  I find that just very neat!  Mrs. A is also bi-lingual, speaking fluently both english and spanish.  They incorporate a lot of spanish in their classroom, more than others.  (Side note, Hempstead has a strong spanish populations with children coming from homes that speak only spanish.)  Many of the parents we encountered today did not speak english.

practicing our hand raising (left), in front of her classroom door (top right), the classroom (bottom right)

V is excited for her first day of school tomorrow.  She knows she is taking some big girl steps tomorrow and says she can do it all by herself.  Will there be tears tomorrow?  absolutely, however I am pretty sure they will be mine.  I already shed a few today at the orientation.  (I am that mother.)

I’m so thankful for this little girl and all I am learning on this journey of ours.  She is such a sweet spirit, full of life, joy and excitement.  I think she is going to be a light to her many new friends as she cares for people so much.  I also think she is ready for this new challenge of hers, being part of a community, learning and growing.  Our big day is here and I look forward to it, tears and all!  To think, this is one ‘big day’ of so many that we will share in the years ahead!  I am so blessed to be her momma!

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  1. Good luck to V! That’s so neat she’ll be bilingual. Grant asked about her the other day. Tell her hello from Grant, her far off cousin. Good luck to you, too. I cried when Grant went to Pre-K too. Of course, I cry at everything he does. I am also “that” mother.

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