I speak this out of the humbleness of my heart, for I personally did not lose someone on 9/11.  

However, as a mother, my heart breaks for those who did lose a child, young or old.  I weep with them as they miss their loved ones!

My original intentions for today’s post was to share about the night before September 11, 2001 from the huzband’s perspective.  You hear (and see) people sharing where they were 10 years ago.  The huzband, the night before the towers fell, had gotten out of his night class in lower Manhattan and had decided to take a walk a few blocks down to the Twin Towers.  He walked around them, sat on the steps and gazed up at these soaring structures that overshadowed the city.  Not knowing what tomorrow brought, he took in the beauty of this city, thankful for where God had brought him.  What a surreal moment to have before so many were taken away.

However, today I heard something that struck a chord with me.  Someone sharing their heart and wounds from 9/11 said,

The question is not where were you on September 11th but where are you today with your relationship with God?

The importance is not where we were that day.  The importance is who we have become out of it, how have we been shaped, how have we grown, how we have taken sorrow and used it for good and how have we grown with God?  We do not want to let anything keep us from our one Sovereign Source, including the 9/11 attack.

Ten years ago, I was a mess.  I was selfish and broken.  Today, I am set free by Jesus Christ.

His grace lifted me out of despair.

His love healed me from my brokenness.

His mercy showed me I am His beloved.

Ten years ago, I hid my face from Him.  Today, I look on the face that I love!

the weak say I have strength by the Spirit of power that raised Christ from the dead  – Saviour King by Hillsong

Ten years ago I belonged to the world.

Today, I am His.

It is He that is my hope every day.

As it says in Psalms 30:5, Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!  May the joy of God fill our lives and hearts.  May we honor our loved ones lost by sharing His joy with the world.

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