a bunch of pictures

This weekend we officially and fully moved the huzband’s dad into our home.  To make him feel at home I surprised him with a little family photo collage for his bedroom.  I want him to feel at home here and just wanted to make his room a little bit extra special.  Putting the pictures together has been so far the largest home decorating project in our new home (outside choosing the paint for our walls and building the basement).  Okay, so maybe not the largest but when it comes to hanging things on our walls it is the largest.  We have only hung a few small things so far but each time it’s like a little bit more of the home is complete.  So I thought I would show you my completed project.  I am a bit proud of it!

the completed look.

I went with all black mixed frames from Target (it’s hard to tell but the walls are white)

And because these pictures are just too great to not see up close, let me share a few of my favorite’s with you.

my niece Jasmine at a park in Colombia

my sister-in-law Maria and her son Jeremiah in Zipaquira, Colombia

we all know who this cutie is. Bogotá, Colombia.

the huzband and his sister when they were little in Colombia (look at his cheeks!)

primas in little V’s big girl room

one of my fav’s: the huzband when he was a boy with his sister and dad.  Colombia.

One of the hardest parts about selecting pictures to hang on your wall is narrowing it down to a few.  Here are a few that didn’t make the cut.

my nephew Jeremiah. Bogotá, Colombia.

my niece Jasmine on a llama.  at the bottom of Monserate, Colombia.

my father-in-law Luis (the fair-skinned one) with some of his cattle in Monteria, Colombia

my father-in-law and Velda on our road trip last year

So there you have it.  Just a bunch of family photos for you to browse through today!  Did you happen to notice that many are from Colombia, old and new?  I didn’t notice till I was uploading them to the blog.  A coincidence really.  Do you have some favorite photos hanging on your walls?  What are they of?  Family, places, you, art?

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