thirty one

Monday I celebrated my 31st birthday.  It was a quite day spent with my very much-loved ones.  I have to admit that turning 31 was a bit depressing maybe.  When my 30th birthday came along, I was excited and ready for it!  It was a big year for me with some mighty big accomplishments (like running my first half marathon).  There are people who make being in your 30’s look super cool and I was ready for a new stage in life.  Well, it’s hard to follow a big birthday like that so as 31 approached, it just seemed miniscule in comparison.  Though when I turned 30 I left one decade for another, it was still right there on the edge of the 20’s.  Now, 31, I’m just in my 30’s.  There is no way around it!  Kind of depressing right?

But here’s to continuing on in my 30’s.  Via Facebook today I had a great conversation about this with a long time friend of mine.  Here is a glimpse of what she shared with me:

AMY: I’m hearing ya. I was in that boat. Take it from someone whose a whopping 8 months older. You just gotta dive in. Decide your 30’s are going to be amazing. Decide that there’s lots left to do, and that there are so many more adventures to be had. You’re gonna make it!! Love ya!

Amy also shared with me her daily mantra: We are young and full of life and awesome!!  I have to say I agree, indeed we are awesome!  So this 31-year-old is ready for the next nine years; I’m ready for all the adventures the thirties hold for me and I am determined to just be awesome!  =)

So here is a glimpse of how I spent my first day as a 31-year-old through the lens of my iPhone.

I awoke to my husband leaning over me wishing me a happy birthday!  I do have to say, that’s the best way to wake up on your birthday.  The day continued with V and I going to the gym for a quick workout.  Afterwards, my little V decided to treat her momma to a birthday Jamba Juice.  The most delicious Jamba Juice I’ve ever had!  She then surprised me by taking me shopping.  She was with me last week when we were shopping for my nieces 16th birthday and noticed I had my eye on these really cute measuring cups.  She’s such a wonderful daughter thinking of me like that!

measuring cups and a plate

I have a thing for plates

she is such a character

Shopping can really make you work up an appetite so V suggested we go get a slice of pizza.  I do love my pizza.

I splurged on a slice of Sicilian

I think what I loved about this birthday is it was a peaceful day spent with someone I love so dearly.  It was wonderful mommy and me time during the day with my daughter.  It was just extra special and I treasured it.  Then I got to spend the evening with my other half.  It was long overdue to spend some one on one time with my lover.  It was nice to just be together, talk, laugh, hold hands and enjoy his company.  I can’t picture a more fulfilling birthday.

more than beautiful flowers from my father-in-law

Godiva chocolate cheesecake (1090 calories, yikes)  Thankfully I shared it with J

So at the end of the day, as bummed as I was about turning 31, I ended knowing in my heart of hearts that it’s not about how old I was turning.  It’s more about seeing all that life has brought through the years and enjoying what God has blessed me with in this moment.  So I enjoyed my little family and what better birthday gift could I really receive than that!  I relished in the small moments throughout the day being thankful for my daughter, for my husband, for all the loved ones that called and wrote and for The Grace that abounds in my life daily!

One of my favorite messages was from my sister (in-law):

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sister!  I hope your day is filled with love, happiness and cheer!  

And maybe a quiet moment or two so you can take a deep breath and remember what an amazing person you are!

My day was full of love, happiness and cheer and not that I stopped and said, wow, I’m awesome (though I do believe I will begin taking on Amy’s mantra: I am young, full of life and awesome!) but I did stop to appreciate where God has brought me and who He has created me to be.  I am thankful for Him in my life and that He cares so much for me not to leave me alone!  I want to continue to grow in who He has created me to be!

3 thoughts on “thirty one

  1. Rach, you gave your family the biggest gift on 8/8/80– the gift of YOU! We all love you and wish we could have spent some of the day with you. I guess you will just have to accept this “cyber hug” instead. 🙂 Glad you had a good day!

  2. You are my wonderful treasure… Cant wait for all the adventures ahead of us. We still need to go to what had become of your favorite stores to get you something I want you to have …. Runners edge! 🙂

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