all that hair

Right now I am working on a self-given home project for our basement.  Without too many details I am working towards a wall with framed family pictures, past and present.  In this process, there is a lot of going through pictures and if you even know me a smidgen of a bit, you would know that I have THOUSANDS of pictures!  No, that is not an exaggeration.  For instance, at the moment, my 2011 folder has about 3,000 pictures in it.  So you can imagine the process of going through the past 6 years of pictures plus whatever old family photos that we have scanned!  Project it is, however I am determined and can’t wait to see the final product!

Now, in the process, I do get to ooo and aaahh over old pictures.  So many memories.  I especially love looking at pictures of the huzband when he was a strapping young boy.  I thought I would share an extremely cute picture of him with you tonight!

Oh goodness.  Do you see that mop of hair?  And that little face!  What can I say, he’s adorable!

 Father’s Day weekend

I’d say he turned out pretty good!

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