pasta for dinner

I always love to try new recipes and I always enjoy finding them from unlikely sources.  I recently got the huzband a subscription to Runner’s World magazine.  Can you guess what it’s about?  Well, to my pleasant surprise, I not only am enjoying the magazine myself but it has a whole section each month on nutrition.  I really do enjoy reading about nutrition because there is always something to learn (and partly because it all can seem overwhelming sometimes).  Anyway, this particular magazine

had a delicious recipe I couldn’t wait to cook for the family: Bowties with Tomato and Arugula.  (Click on the name to get the recipe.)  I put it on my menu, added the ingredients to the grocery list and went shopping…well, not RIGHT away.  Now occasionally (read as quite often) I make my menu, shop, make a dinner or two and then the schedule changes or I change my mind about what to make or something needs to be used before it goes bad (like the tomatoes and arugula), therefore when it came time (tonight) to make this dinner, a bit of improvisation was needed.  For instance, the recipe calls for 4 tomatoes.  Well, I only had 1 however I did have plenty of corn on the cob.  So corn on the cob it was, right into the recipe.  Also, the arugula, let’s just say it got all eaten up between sandwiches, salad and other things.  Therefore, I just added more feta cheese.  Okay, I probably would have added more anyway; it’s just too yummy.  Regardless, I think the results turned out Delicious!!!

in the making

Now to round up the troops!

daddy gets hot, daddy’s shirt comes off, daughter see’s daddy without shirt, daughter’s shirt comes off.  this is a daily occurance!

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