vacation bible school

Velda attended her very first vacation bible school today at Centerpoint Church.  She was a bit apprehensive as well as excited.  She wasn’t so sure about the idea of mom leaving.  However, once we were there, she seemed not to think twice about it at all.  We sat down with her group number, got her name tag and made some new friends.  When it was time for me to leave, I asked her for a hug and a kiss.  She gladly gave me a hug but shook her head no to giving her momma a kiss.  I admit, I was a bit surprised that she was reluctant.  It’s the beginning of a whole new stage in life for us.  I know deep down that she was just overwhelmed with the new surroundings.

While walking to the car I did my very best to hold back my tears.  I did fairly good until the huzband called.  One word: waterworks.  I can not really pin point why I was so teary.  I don’t think it was perhaps the actual day itself, the first time of dropping her off at some sort of “school like” activity.  I think it was more the thought of all that was to follow: pre-K in September, her turning 4, growing up into a little girl and not my little V.  For weeks I looked forward to when she would be in VBS.  All I could think about were those quiet mornings and what I would do to enjoy them.  I was caught by surprise by the sudden emotion of today.

My heart is overwhelmed with love for this life I have been given the responsibility of.  Sometimes, it’s just a bit more than I can really handle.  I look forward to all that’s ahead but be fore warned Velda, your mom is crier!

putting our shoes on

ready for our first day of VBS

my Gray Gorilla!

her response when asked what she learned today, ha ha not really!

When I picked her up I asked all about her morning.  The most I got was that they sang songs and ate.  The highlights I suppose.  Though later in the day it did come out (without the prodding) that God put all the animals in a boat and then a rainbow came out (i.e. Noah’s Ark)!  I was proud of my little Gray Gorilla for sharing her story with me!

2 thoughts on “vacation bible school

  1. Awwwww…I completely understand your tears, your fears, and your JOY! Little People turn into Big People waaaaaaaaayy too fast! Hugs to you all!!

  2. Thankfully, the move toward independence for these little ones of ours comes slowly and in small increments. God knew we would need time and gentle prodding to help them become the people He created them to be. I’m so glad she had fun. What a beauty she is– just like her Mom! 🙂 Oh and I think she looks just like Leah with her sweet braids. Love it!!

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