A few weeks back I was blessed with the opportunity to take pictures of some friends of ours who were expecting their first child.  Notice I said “were expecting”.  Today, their little boy Isaiah was born!  Izzy texted me a picture of him and I have to say, he is just as cute as I thought he would be.  I can not wait to meet him in person!  As a celebration of Isaiah joining us today, I thought I would post some of my favorites from Izzy and Nancy’s maternity shoot.  The hardest part was probably picking out my fave’s because these parents are just to darn good-looking!  Watch out world, little Isaiah is gonna knock your socks off!

Here’s a look at Isaiah, pre-birth!

Two people so full of joy are going to bring so much love into this little baby’s world!  I am so happy for you Izzy and Nancy.  I welcome you to parenthood; all the joys, laughs and tears.  Your world has changed oh so much for the better and your heart will never be the same!  I’m excited to be on this journey of parenthood with you.  Isaiah is a blessed baby to have both of you in his life!


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