Last week I was asked to take some pictures of a very enduring and gentle natured young lady.  Tomorrow is her birthday and she will be turning 12 years old!  I am amazed at her beautiful heart.  She, as well as her family, are the kind of family that have such a positive, warm and welcoming spirit.

Today, Cecilia’s mom took V and I out to lunch.  It was a treat to be in the company of such a wise and loving woman.  She makes you so comfortable and is just so easy to talk to.  Knowing the kind of person that I am, it is not always easy for me to get to know people, therefore I am extremely thankful for, in a very natural way, making new friends.

Cecilia comes from a very real and passionate family so full of ‘funk’!  It was my honor to get to spend some time with such a precious young lady.  I hope you like the pictures Cecilia!

4 thoughts on “Cecilia

  1. Wow. Those are great, Rach. I had no idea you were that talented. Next time your in town, I want you to snap some of Grant. I’m terrible.

    1. I would absolutely LOVE to!! He’s a handsome little man that comes from a beautiful momma!! It’ll be on the top of my OKC to do list! =)

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