the grill master

Memorial Day Parade in Cranford, NJ

Being that Juan and my dad were away for Memorial Day, it was just us women folk running around the house!  So guess who was in charge of the grill?

Yup, you guessed it.  Yours truly.  I do know my way around a grill!  I may play dumb but I actually have a few tricks up my sleeves!  My dad taught me how to work a grill when I was in junior high.  [Side story, lighting the grill one day I completely singed off my right eyebrow and eyelashes.  It was an interesting look till it all grew back in.]  Who do you think taught Juan?

Time for the cheese on the cheese burgers.

my assistant

it takes extreme concentration to pull the cheese slices apart

my assistant’s assistant, really he is a taste tester.  he is out for hire and willing to travel to taste test your food!

my assistant’s assistant did his job well, the cheese was approved, though it was our last piece

at a loss for words

no better way to end hard work than with some yummy watermelon!

2 thoughts on “the grill master

  1. Way to go, Mrs. Grillmaster! I didn’t know about the infamous eyebrow/lashes incident. I’m sure that was fun in jr. high. 🙂
    Oh and I’m so glad all those dresses are fitting her!

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