taking a moment

It has been a wonderful time with my little V while J is away.  I think we both have enjoyed our girl time.  We cooked dinner for a friend, popped in on another friend, visited some friends church as a husband and wife were ordained together (a particularly special moment for me), spent a few days with Gram, Grandma and the dogs, unpacked just a little bit more, made some new friends and took some time to just enjoy.  (If you picked up on it, we made the most of our time by seeing friends.)  There was some work, laundry and grocery shopping mixed in there but that’s not the stuff worth mentioning!  I enjoy my girl time, however I think we both are looking forward to J’s return tomorrow!  He is just the final completion to our little family!

One thought on “taking a moment

  1. Wonder what she is thinking about? Tell her her that all her Oklahoma “friends” say “hello!!” Glad Juan is back safe and sound. 🙂

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