Today we celebrated mom’s everywhere!  I am still not fully accustomed to knowing that I am now included in being celebrated.  For 27 years of my life, it was about the women in my life that laid foundations for me, encouraged me, loved me, challenged me and showed me what it is to be a strong, compassionate and God-fearing woman.  I am so grateful for the blessing of having these women in my life.  It truly is an honor to know them.

These women have and continue to play a role in who I am.  I love them, I learn from them and am so in awe of who they are as women, wives and mothers.  They are patience, they are wisdom, they are prayerful, gentle and bold, they are creative, they are kindness and goodness, they are more than words can describe and an intricate part of my heart.  They are Christ lovers!

They are my sister.



They are my grandmother.

Velda aka Grandma

Lucy aka Granny

And she is the one who I call Mom!

the Galloway family

the expert stuffing dressing maker

the Grandma

the one who unabashedly loves God * photo by Caitlin Stiefel *

my mom

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