Many get excited for spring.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love the tulips blooming and warmer days, however my allergies far overshadow all of the good of spring and turn it into a miserable season for me.  Therefore, I look forward to summer approaching anxiously because it means a) no more allergies and b) Summer Fun!

However, summer is not here yet.  Our weather is just barely giving us a hint that it is around the corner and yet, that does not stop us from dreaming of days to come!  For the past few years, J and I have made a list of things we would like to do over the summer.  Not all of them are achieved but it provides out of the box ideas for a good (and many times free) time.  There’s something easy about summer slipping by too quickly without having really experienced much.  I live on a little island that I know has a lot to offer.  Much of it is undiscovered and I am always excited about visiting a new place!  I also immensely enjoy trips into the city (NYC) and don’t ever want to fall into a category of not having gone in too long of a time.

So I have already begun a summer list for my little family.

x  Museum of Natural History  V was here when she was maybe a year old, thought it was time to go again

x  biking in Central Park  after our trip last month (read about it here) and seeing all the bikers, I caught the bug to go!

x  Montauk  this is the famous tip of Long Island, this has also been on my summer list every year and I have yet to go

x  lots of beach time  this is a yearly summer thing, especially for dinner, and now we live EVEN CLOSER!

x lots of pool time  Nassau county has some nice pools.  I made a list of all last year but we only frequented one.  This year we will see the others!

So that’s the list so far.  One of the things I enjoy most is when free activities outweigh money needed activities.  So far 3 of my 5 are free!  Let me not forget the summer highlight: ARUBA!!  We are going for a second time and are overly excited for June to arrive!

do you think she know’s how to live it up?  (iPhone in Aruba 2010)

There’s still time to add onto the list as well.  Perhaps you have some great summer ideas to share!!  What is a MUST to add to my list?  What are some of YOUR favorite summertime fun activities that you are looking forward to?

iPhone in Aruba 2010

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