4 days later

Easter was a day full of thankfulness!  What better way to spend it then,


Shelter Rock Church @ C.W. Post’s Tilles Center (one church, three campuses, combined for Easter)

Bike riding

J rode from church, around and about, to home (side note: this is where I trained for my 1/2 marathon)

Beautiful weather enjoying

my Little House on the Prairie girl (her dress was made by my mother-in-law!)

Napping & not Napping

can you guess who napped (me) and who didn’t (V) ?

Egg Hunting

whose veiny hand is that?  eek!

Boo boo obtaining

she tripped and fell within seconds of starting her egg hunt

Cheering on the hunter

basketful of booty

As a family!

3 thoughts on “4 days later

  1. Is that you playing base? or do I spell it Bass? I am so illiterate! Cool church! I spent Easter in bed sick! boo hoo 4 me:( I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Little House on the P. pic. of V in the pretty dress. Priceless!

    1. No, it’s not me. =) It’s a new friend named Jenn and she pretty much rocks on the bass. Sorry you spent it not feeling well at home. And sorry we didn’t even get to see you guys Easter! Planning on seeing you this Sunday though!

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