the view

Because my allergies have been horrible today.  Because I promise you the woman at the front desk really has it out for me.  Because some how this afternoon I really hurt my lower back.  Because of the utter embarrassment of V throwing an ugly fit in public because she can’t show Tina (her speech therapist) the stack of pads she pulled out of my purse.  [Keeping it real.]  Because I just feel crummy.  And I cried, because I feel crummy.

Therefore I choose to celebrate in the things that bring joy:

x  Celebrating with the huzband when a friend says yes to running the NYC marathon for Team World Vision

o  Letting V ride in the car with the window down

x  Gram & Doodad came to sleepover in our new house for the first time

o  The extreme excitement in little V’s voice when she saw Doodad’s car pull in the driveway

x  The overwhelming happiness in little V’s face when she opened the door and saw that Doodad brought Gus the dog along

0  Getting to talk via ‘face time’ with family in Oklahoma, especially my beautiful twin nieces & irresistible nephew

x  Getting to sit and chat with my mom

0  Having a family that loves me

x  Learning a friend will be induced on Sunday (yah for babies!)

0  Kleenex that is oh so soft on the nose

Sometimes, it’s really about how we choose to view things!

2 thoughts on “the view

  1. I SO identify with this post! Oh there are days when I just want to crawl in bed and call it a day! But when I choose to be thankful, my perspective shifts and the fog clears. 🙂 It was great to chat with you all a bit tonight. It made me really, really miss you guys. I wish we lived closer and our kids could have sleepovers and we could have you all over for cook-outs. Maybe this summer…..

    Hope you sleep well, Rach! Love you!

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