Palm Sunday

Today, Palm Sunday, was a very important big girl moment for little V.  During praise & worship at church, her Sunday School class marched down the aisles with palms in hand.  They then proceeded to recite a few scriptures they had learned for everyone to hear.  V worked all week memorizing her scripture.  Saturday night she had it completely memorized and knew all the hand motions without any prompting.  I was so proud and couldn’t wait for Sunday morning.

Sunday morning comes.  We are early to church for practice to find no other parents or children there.  When we find the Sunday School teacher, we then learn that V had learned the wrong memory verse.  Turns out what we were learning was just the memory verse for the month.  Momma mixed things up.  (Of course it would help if I actually had the right verses.)  No worries.  It is only pre-K.  It’s not like they are really going to know what’s going on, right?

The time comes for the little ones to join us in service.  While we are praising God in song, they come down the aisle with their palms.  V’s face is one of utter confusement till she sees mom & dad.  I love the look she gets when all becomes clear once mom & dad are in sight.  What joy in my heart!

The kids are lined up front, the congregation is singing as one and I am so overwhelmed with thankfulness for all God has given me; particularly this beautiful little girl and loving husband next to me.  All I could do was thank Him.  He loves me, forgives me and blesses me beyond what words can describe!  Everything I am, everything thing I have, is because of His grace, because of His Son.

V is all the way on the left in her striped b&w dress/pink tights (a poorly taken iPhone picture)

V did a good job blending in with the kids as they recited their scripture, which to my correction, most of them knew.  However, there was one moment where she stopped, turned to us and right then I knew what she was thinking.  She was thinking, “mom, this is not what we practiced.”  She then proceeded with words and motions to recite the scripture we did learn!  Many people around us laughed because, well, it was just too cute.  She turned back to the teacher, waved her palm and enjoyed her moment of fame!  I am proud of my little girl!

This little {wrong} memory verse was a daily reminder this week of Jesus Christ in my life.  The impact of it fully hit me today.  I don’t want to forget this and I don’t want you to forget this.  No matter where we are or what life has in store for us at the moment, let us remember and KNOW,

I am with you always

Matthew 28:20

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