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As the title says, we joined a new gym Monday.  We belonged to New York Sports Club (NYSC) which I absolutely love however, since our move, it is not very convenient.  Therefore, it was time for a change.  A friend of ours recommended XSport Fitness which is about 10ish minutes from us.  (Not as convenient as NYSC used to be; it was only 2 blocks away.)  However, it’s a good gym that provides for most of what we need and want.

As well as joining a new gym Monday, I also began the first day of my sprint triathlon training.  That is correct.  I am officially announcing my commitment to a sprint triathlon.  (FYI: a sprint triathlon is .5 mile swim, 15K bike, 5K run).  I am doing the same sprint that Juan did last year.  You can read about it here.

The reason behind this decision?  Well, last year I ran my very first half marathon (the allusive one that I never posted pictures of.)  In the process I lost almost 15 pounds.  Earlier this year I decided to run one again however, I never started training.  Overall, I am not a huge fan of running and didn’t really have the desire to run.  I needed something different to motivate me.  Hence the triathlon.  I am a bit excited mixed with a good amount of nervousness.

I may shoot myself in the foot later when I want to give up but can’t because I posted about it on my blog but that’s where you come in….you are now my commitment to stick with it!  I could not have done the half marathon without the huge support of my husband as well as friends and family.  The same goes here.  J is my biggest encourager and motivator but sometimes I don’t want to hear it from him.  So, would you be my accountability partner for the next few months?  Race day is August 28th.

And as a thank you for your help, I leave you with a few pictures from my very first (and so far only) half marathon!  (Unless noted, the pictures were taken by the photography company that was taking pictures for the race that day…the name escapes me at the moment.)

This was taken during my 10 mile training run (iPhone).  I like it and thought to include it.

my biggest fan pre-race (iPhone)

From my dad’s camera.  I think there were more pictures of V that day than of me running!  I don’t blame him.

I took this picture from a video my dad took on his camera.  I love that V is running after me.  I’m almost there!

my actual finish time was 2 hours and 59 minutes (it was a few minutes b/f I actually crossed the start line)

hanging out in the after party (iPhone)

I forgot to mention in the signing up for the new gym that we are saving A LOT of money.  Therefore, J treated me to 11 weeks with a personal trainer.  I have never gotten a trainer before but have been talking about it for almost a year.  Having goals to work towards like a half marathon or tri, not just losing so many pounds keep me consistent and committed in exercising.  However, I desired a little extra help.  I am very excited about having a personal trainer and am ready to put my energy into making THE MOST out of the next 11 weeks.

J has been one that loves me just as I am however he also knows I want to be healthy, active and around for a very long time.  I did a test that told me my inner body age was 38 (J was 27).  It was BIG enough to turn 30, now I’m finding out that my body thinks it’s 38.  I just skipped 8 years and am just around the corner from 40!  WHAT!!!!  Much less my husband is now 11 years younger than me.  (They called me a “cougar” at the test!)

I met my trainer today: Elizabeth.  I think it’s going to be a good, and challenging, 11 weeks!

I leave you with a video from (both) J’s phone and my dad’s camera.  J put the two side by side.  It’s from race day, the same moment, as I run by my family.  Every time I watch it I get a bit teary.  She’s just too cute!!!


3 thoughts on “new gym

  1. I got teary too. So sweet. Good luck with your training. No way could I do something that difficult. I can’t even run down the block. I’m proud and impressed. Keep us posted. Hugs to V and J.

    Love Ash

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