Central Park

The weather is teasing us here in New York.  It’s like spring wants to come out but hasn’t decided it wants to stay awhile.  So when it does appear, you want to take full advantage of it while you can!  So that is what the Martinez family did Wednesday.  It was a beautiful day spent in the city.  We met up with a friend of ours, Ben, so that Juan and him could do their 13.1 mile run.  (Juan & Ben had been training but both were unable to run Saturday’s race.  Juan’s reason is obvious, he was in charge of the event.  Ben’s is way cooler though.  He is the husband of a contestant on the Biggest Loser and Saturday morning was her homecoming!  As his wife was on the Biggest Loser getting healthy, he was at home losing weight himself.  He has lost over 100 pounds.  Pretty darn awesome!!)  While they were running, Velda and I had a wonderful time walking around the reservoir and enjoying nature.


here they come, 13.1 miles later

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