I feel the need to catch you up on all that has been going on around here but that would take one whole post in itself.  Therefore, I will skip all of that and just go straight to the BIG one.  I’ll work my way backwards starting with this past weekend.  (I have posts and pictures lined up waiting to make their appearance.)

This past weekend, specifically April 2nd was a big day for Juan.  He started his new job 5 months ago with Team World Vision and he hit the ground running.  All the work, preparation and sweat (real running sweat) was for Juan’s first race with TWV as Team Captain.  This past Saturday was the 13.1 NY (Half Marathon) for Team World Vision.  There were around 1100 runners running in either the 5K or Half Marathon for Team World Vision out of the 4,500 runners that day.  They were running to bring awareness as well as help to those who don’t have clean water.  Together, these runners raised over $220,000 for clean water projects in Kenya as well as over 440 kids got sponsored.  How AWESOME is that!!  Can you even imagine how many people’s lives will be changed because clean water is being brought to their town.  No more hour long walks to the river 2 to 3 times a day.  If you are not aware that there are women, children, families in this world that don’t have access to clean water or if you don’t fully comprehend what that life looks like (how can we, we just turn on the faucet), feel free to check out this awesome story of one woman and what a day looks like for her: In Sabina’s Shoes.

Here are a few highlights from race day!

the race is getting ready to start

one of my favorite signs

this TWV runner, Matthew, won top runner for his age group

encouraging runners before the start

Rock star and Ironman Shawn

I don’t know these girls but I really liked the picture

We had a lot of rock star Pastors running but Pastor Brian here was especially awesome.  This was his first half marathon and his church raised over $12,000 for clean water.  Can we just say awesomeness!

I so enjoy seeing people enjoy what they are doing, such as these two!

This is Jack, one of Juan’s training buddies and TWV Rock star!

Every runner who completes the race gets a medal.  I still have mine from last year!

The after party: Move & Grove!  These girls were on roller skates.  Some other dancers had disco ball heads!

the Karhu bear

congratulating runners

the twins: Vanessa & Anthony, friends from our old church HSCC

Introductions: crazy lady next to Juan is Kirsten, his boss (she’s rad!).

Other TWV person is Michael who started Team World Vision (the big boss).

One of several church running teams that were a part of this day!  This is All Angel’s Church.  Awesome people and awesome pastor!  (Can you count how many times I used ‘awesome’ in one post?)  They had 5 homeless people running with their team.  These 5 alone raised $3,260 for those who don’t have water when they themselves don’t have a home.  Puts things in perspective!

the team!  photo by James C Lewis Media (my uncle!)

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