the days of the week: Sunday

So a few weeks ago I thought up a little activity for me to do.  I can easily set my camera down and not pick it up again for a while.  I decided I needed something that would encourage me to not just pick up my camera but carry it with me through out my day, use it, learn and think outside the box.  As much of my inspiration comes from my sister-in-law Emily, so did this.  (Emily comes up with different ideas on her blog either sharing about the different people she has in pictures on her walls at home, reviewing books she has read, sharing about different family members or creating clever lists.)  How could I incorporate both using my camera and giving me an idea for my blog?  So here it is: the days of the week. I challenge myself to carry my camera with me a different day each week with the purpose of a) continuing to learn and grow with my camera and b) share on my blog what a day may look like.  Beware, my life is not all that exciting!

So I began two weeks ago with Sunday!  Why Sunday?  I don’t know.

It’s really not all that clever.  And you may ask why can’t I just share what happened yesterday?  Well, I can lag in the time between taking a picture and going to the editing process.  So probably the third, very important, reason for this task is c) to challenge me to stay on top of my pictures and not let too much time pass.  (I still have yet to get half way through my pictures from Colombia.  They were taken in DECEMBER.  Do you see what I’m saying now?)

So on to Sunday, February 30th!

By the way, in case you are interested, you will see a few snippets of the house from this day!

headed to church with a pit stop at the new casa

the name of one color in Velda’s room.  can you see it in the corner?

the third bedroom

the attic ‘before’

My last post shared a before and almost after of the work we’ve been doing in the attic.  Here is the whole picture of before, including my favorite high heels!  I love those shoes!  Sometimes simple really is best.

Not pictured: church

a very delicious lunch with a very wonderful friend

This Sunday was extra special because I got to spend some quality time with my friend Laura.  I first met Laura while working at Starbucks.  Here we are 5 years later.  I think we have watched each other grow tremendously in the past 5 years and I know I am immensely proud of Laura!  She is taking life head on, is joyful about it and doing exceedingly well!  We ventured to a new restaurant in my new neighborhood and was it Delicious!  I love trying new places and leaving with a belly full of mucho delicious food!

every drink comes out with a little straw wrapper rose

I then took Laura to see our new house.  Here is one color in V’s room (and a dirty window sill).

fun at Ikea

Back home with the fam, Nascar is over, V is awake, hey, let’s go to Ikea!  I love Ikea!  Dollar ice cream cones, swedish meatballs, free childcare and cheap furniture, what’s not to like.  One of J and I’s first dates was going to Ikea.  We walked around looking at everything, talking about what we like and don’t like.  You can learn quite a bit about someone when talking about style, likes and dislikes.

new mattresses for V’s new (gently used hand me down) big girl bunk bed

V is not allowed to go into her new room at the house.  All she knows about is the bits and pieces she sees us buy when we are out.  Even then she may not know they are for her.  She is waiting patiently for the big reveal!

We actually returned these chairs because they were a little too cheap (poorly made) and bought some others that we could paint with one of the colors from her room.

So that’s it.  That was a Sunday.  What do your Sunday’s look like?

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